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Everyday- Government Approved Walk- No.7- Various Grid Covers.

Small walks around my area these past few weeks have given me a mixture of good and bad oddities. Some days it is disappointment at how much litter is about, some days it is nice to see the local heron flying past.  On this particular day on my mandated walk I was gifted lots of grid covers due to the quieter roads and pavements. I do have questions- Who is PAm and who decides the names on the covers? Call me.

Everyday- Government Approved Gardening- Spring Things.

Everyday-Government Approved Walk- No.6- On a Mish.

As the spring moves on, so does the lack of my imagination of where to walk to. I seem to be stuck in an infinite loop of the same walk but each time I spot something new. Cockney Bri for example. This has been written on the railway bridge since I was in high school so over 20 years. It is there for all to see, written in Tippex, never to leave.  I do not know who Cockney Bri is though. Is he even real? More nice treats took the shape of many sign posts with writings on. 'On a Mish' is very 1996, but I  am pleased that the activity it lasted until 2003. 

Government Approved Walk- No.5- Dropping off Bread.

A nice still day today. A bit grey but no wind so no ear upset. Gentle blossoms everywhere and a walk past my favourite bin made me feel much better on today's walk.  On arriving at my mums front door with a loaf I spotted some lovely chalk signs on the bricks. They seem to be very stringent about not leaving bins against walls around there. Later, a nice sunset appeared whilst I finished off the Kit Kats.