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Everyday- Penny Club 2017 count up.

Penny Club comes in waves. Some weeks you can be quids in with almost 22p jingling in your penny club purse. Some weeks a lonely 5p is all that separates you from the world of dropped coins. This past year has presented me with lots of different places to visit and see and the geography of such places has determined my end of year Penny Club salary. The best finds where in these places; Bridlington- 34p Petersfield- 21p Morrisons- £3.24 Various stores-secret you see. Aldi- £2.86-Various. The North of England fared better than the South, but the South did provide unexpected treats of the odd 1p when all hope of finding was lost.  So 2017's grand total is £12.74. I have found it is usually one or the other, shopping lists or coins and both are welcomed but with the advent of everybody penny clubbing it is getting harder- I am taking to the Nana's here- I saw you eye that 20p up and I let you this once seeings as you had dropped your Arrowroot biscuits three time

Everyday- Daniel and friends.

Each year Christmas comes as a surprise to me and I worry and I rush and I do stuff late and end up with a headache sat surrounded by sellotape and Daniel crying into my face. This year I have taken all of the worry out of it and just decided to be late and not rush, use newspaper as wrapping paper and give the gifts of shells off the beach and some of Daniels fur rolled up into little balls. Consistency is the key inside your Magic Step shoes - Father Christmas 1989 -I am still waiting for a pair. Here are some pictures of Daniel for his Christmas card. As we are consistent with our lack of getting things done, Daniels 2017 calendar of various pictures of him showing his bits has had to be postponed. He just can't move around like he used to and sadly cannot reach them anymore. Poor Daniel. He instead spent the day helping me build a set with his friends on the kitchen table and not really wishing to take part.

World Museum Tour-St Barbe-Lymington.

I visited  Lymington . It is a historic market town with a harbour, high street, slippy cobbles and excellent charity shops.  St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery  is situated off the main high street. From the outside without any knowledge of the history of the building it all looked very new and modern and had a cafe with big windows to nose out of. I understand that ‘nose’ isn’t the correct language to use when researching but they were very big windows. On arrival it was quite busy with lots of people in the cafe and bustling around. I had my  National Art Pass  so entrance was free on producing but the  prices  vary between adult and child and are between £3.00 and £6.00 if you include gift aid. The exhibition that was being shown was Art of World War II: John Noott Collection. ‘ Featuring rarely seen portrayals of Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and the Blitz, this exhibition explores the art of the Second World War through the remarkable collection of art dealer John Noott.’

Daytrips- The New Forest, Horses and Rollerball.

I don't know much about the  New Forest  except what I imagined it to be like. In my mind I thought it would look like this. Aaah  Eric Winter  knows it, but it wasn't like this picture, it was better than this picture but I didn't see a giant hare. Dan and I were originally on our way to  Calshot Castle  but then realised it had closed for winter. Nevermind, we followed the directions and got lost but this was ok as we drove into a world of gorse, horses, pine cones and people going about their dog walking business as if this place was completely normal. Actual real life horse but far away. I've been about and seen things but I honestly have never seen such a place as this and that people live there and that there is a  special garden  and a  car museum.  It was wonderful. Still perplexed we carried on our journey and got lost again and ended up at beach with a hill and a shop and a view to the Isle of Wight and it wa

Collections-Beach- Silverdale.

It has been that long since I went to the beach that I had forgotten which beaches all of my collected carrier bags of stuff had come from. They are all from mixed places which I have also forgotten but I might remember as I go along. I do know that these bits are from Silverdale so that's nice.