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Daytrip- Lytham St Anne’s- 15 minutes of.

Lytham St Annes , St Annes on Sea, Lytham-I don't know but on the way back from Blackpool I went to Lytham as it is quiet and peaceful and you can see Southport. I haven't been for years and it all looks the same except this time I saw the Les Dawson statue. I said 'Hello Les' and admired his lovely garden. As it was only a quick trip here is a bit of Les for you to  watch  and some things that I saw. 


Oh lovely Blackpool, it is either once every ten years or never again. I am the once every ten and I was very impressed to see from my last visit how it has changed and been regenerated. There is a new sea wall, new trams, new pavement, new street installations, new shops and  the tower  now has a glass floor AND there is a seafront  wedding chapel .  Maybe it is a northern thing that you went to Blackpool as a kid and watched the  illuminations  out of the car window, had a bag of chips special and went home well past midnight. Or maybe you went on the opening weekend of  The Pleasure Beach  in the old days when it was a fiver and rode all of the rides whilst heavy un-forecast march snowfall appeared while you were on  The Grand National . Or is it when you went on a party coach trip for someones 18th who you now can't remember to  The Palace  and drank Malibu and Pernod as you can definitely handle that. I don't know, but Blackpool is just Blackpool and until the next ten y