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Collections-Shopping Lists.

After saying there had been a shortage of lists in the past few weeks, I found six in one ten minute shopping trip. The day after I found a 1p, then a 2p and then a £1 coin all in a line. Thankyou very much.  

Everyday- 25 Months and Nine Days-Braces.

Last Tuesday I had my braces taken off. I have hated my teeth and their peculiar ways of moving ever since my fiendish wisdom teeth started to come through when I was 14. My gap in the front closed, some teeth would have all night parties where each one would give me a terrible headache and jaw pain. They moved and turned and danced and it was just not on. When I was 18, I asked my dentist if I could have all of my teeth taken out and replaced with false ones, to eliminate fillings, drilling's and the constant pain I was in. A firm 'don't be so ridiculous' was met with tears and I was told to let my wisdom teeth arrive and then come back once they had. At age 22 they were all fully in my life like a set of four bad boyfriends all being rubbish and never thinking about my feelings. I had an abscess on one for a week that saw me sucking a piece of clove oil soaked cotton wool and slurping soluble aspirin through a straw. ENOUGH!!!!  After visiting the emergency dentist out…