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Books-Free Stuff For Kids.

Back in 1990 when I was 8 nearly 9, a book arrived in Sherdley County Primary schools library that unbeknown to us would bring great joy and postal gifts that entailed writing to various companies across the UK and for the price of a stamp, postal order or a sellotaped down 50p piece you would receive something back. This book would be passed around and taken home and lists would be made of the wondrous things to write off for all while eating your fish fingers and waffles, ready for Neighbours at 5:30pm. Each week the book presented many possible outcomes where you could decide whether you wanted a Snooker Rules booklet, a joke shop catalogue, a glass bead necklace or a free car sticker with a monkey on. All just for writing a letter.

Free Stuff for Kids gave kids like me and others a reason to write proper letters, get excited about receiving proper post that was addressed to us personally and gave us all a chance to learn how to ask for things, visit the post office for a postal ord…

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