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Outgoing Coronation Street mixed with Adam Faith and Alf Roberts. 

Letterloves has Moved.

Letterloves Blog is now archived. Please visit The blog and its contents will remain but in a state of rest after 13 years of continuous service. Ta very much.

Free Stuff For Kids-No.6-Hobby Horse Club-REPLY!

Oh how wonderful it was on Saturday morning to see a big envelope with a postmark from the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Even more wonderful was the contents inside the envelope which gave us a magazine, a sticker and my self addressed envelope back with the stamp on-THIS IS GOOD BUSINESS! However all of this is nothing compared to the photocopy of the original Hobby Horse Club magazine complete with application form and instructions about always wearing your badge so others know you are a Hobby Horse Club member. I truly wish one day to find one of these badges so I can wear one and everybody will flock around me and dance to a merry tune.