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Everyday- Government Approved Walk- No.8- The Cut Through.

After walking the same routes for the past six weeks I finally branched out. I crossed the road and went down the hill to a different area. This area is five minutes from where I live but it might as well be 5 miles. 

I gently walked past a large dog, whose owner refused distance. I narrowly missed a pile of dog poo and screwed my face up showing them both that I meant none of the thanks for this.

After feeling lucky, really understanding my walking and where I was heading, I turned into what could be in most country village settings be called 'a glade'.
It is merely in the town where I live, a cut through back to the main road. 

I saw things such as a robin shouting at my intrusion, old graffiti with no real meaning and a lot of empty Breaker cans. This made me sad I didn't have my litter pick stick with me. 

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