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Everyday- Government Approved Exercise Walk- No.3

I took a gentle walk to the post office today. It was sunny and warm and I had the wrong clothes on. I wore my big boots so I could burn off the two jam doughnuts I ate the day before. I saw some nice things that included a large hole now turned into a duck pond, DJ Jon and Carols quiz announcements and one person the whole way there and back. Strange.

Everyday- Government Approved Exercise Walk/Drive No.2

A selection of jobs were completed on the allowed outside times. These took the form of driving to tasks and then walking quickly back to the car, adhering to the rules. It is surprising what you see when you have to wait for things and slow down.

Everyday- Government Approved Exercise Walk No.1

Strange times, strange walks. I ventured out on my first government approved exercise walk today and I decided to look at all of the things I have wanted to look at for while. I didn't go any further than my street, the road alongside, the graveyard and then a bit round the corner. Safety. Electricity  box No.1. I like electricity boxes. Some are very ornate and have special doors. This one is 1970's and when I was kid it was known as the 'danger box'. You could hide round it at one point and that was always good for games of manhunt. I think they put the fences up about 10 years ago and I was sad but had to remember that you no longer play manhunt, it is very odd to be hiding or even running around an electricity box and to behave myself as you are nearly 40.   Gas box. I like the concrete indents and the very big A. I haven't the room for a magnolia in my garden so I take pictures of all the ones i see out and about. This was a joy to see

Photo Archive-Liverpool.

Everyday- Walks -Bridge Mural- Thatto Heath Park- St Helens.

Yesterday, I spent my lunch hour taking part in eating a chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle and then taking a small walk in the park next door to see some sights. Considering I have driven and walked past this park a million times in my lifetime and also sometimes work near to it, I have never actually fully ventured in. This still was to be true after my small walk. I listened to the blue tits chattering, saw some forsythia blossoming and a lady walked by with a big dog who was called Brian.  I had time for a circuit to burn off the noodle before I was back to work but I was suddenly drawn like a magnet to a small portal to the right of me.  I saw faces and paintings and was placed into a time slip of a bridge to the edge lands. Why? who are these painted people? who did this? Well it tells you who did paint the pictures but there are no dates. After over three hours of trying to find out any information about it, I was met with a Pinterest picture of the bridge titled -Old iro