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Daytrips- The National Library of Wales- Aberystwyth.

I visited The National Library of Wales as part of a mini trip whilst I was at library school last month. It is very grand and posh outside and also contains a large hill to walk up. I found that Aberystwyth was one massive hill but that is for another time. 

A bit about the library from their website;

'Though there was talk of a national library for Wales in the 18th century, it was only in 1873 that a serious campaign started. A committee was set up to collect Welsh material and house it at the University College in Aberystwyth.
Leading Welsh people and Members of Parliament worked hard to establish a National Library and a National Museum. In 1905 the government promised money in its Budget, and the Privy Council appointed a committee to decide on the location of the two institutions. Aberystwyth was selected as the location of the Library partly because a collection was already available in the College. Sir John Williams, physician and book collector, had also said he would present his collection to the Library if it were established in Aberystwyth. Cardiff was selected as the location of the National Museum.
Both the Library and Museum were established by Royal Charter on the same day, 19 March 1907. The building on Penglais Hill above the town of Aberystwyth was begun in 1911, and was first occupied in 1916.
Several extensions have been added since then. In 1996 a large new storage building was opened, and in recent years many changes have been made to the front part of the building to make it more open and welcoming. A new Royal Charter was granted in 2006.'

Go HERE to learn more about what you can see and do inside, HERE to see the Welsh film archive pages and HERE to search the collections the library has.


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Free Stuff For Kids-No.6-Hobby Horse Club-REPLY!

Oh how wonderful it was on Saturday morning to see a big envelope with a postmark from the English Folk Dance and Song Society.
Even more wonderful was the contents inside the envelope which gave us a magazine, a sticker and my self addressed envelope back with the stamp on-THIS IS GOOD BUSINESS!
However all of this is nothing compared to the photocopy of the original Hobby Horse Club magazine complete with application form and instructions about always wearing your badge so others know you are a Hobby Horse Club member. I truly wish one day to find one of these badges so I can wear one and everybody will flock around me and dance to a merry tune.

Daytrips- Preston Bus Station- Lancashire.

Back in February, before the current indoor time, I visited Preston Bus Station. This was part of a bigger trip to Preston but the most important thing to see.  Iain Nairn told me about it on Youtube and I knew it was the place to go as he said, 
'Every few yards is punctuated with great blockbusters of things, Preston fashion'.
It was going to be demolished at one point in time but now it is listed and has been refurbished right down to the route numbers. I had heard of a special clock, brown wood panelling and big letters adorning the wall.  Go HERE to read about its Grade II listing.
I cant really say why it is so special. I just knew that once walking up the hill to it and seeing that roof I was in love. Lets have a look.

Collections- Bojo and Daz 12th July 1987-The Pop Pop Story- Inside David Bowies- David Live.

I bought some records recently in the charity shop, nothing fancy but in this bought record pile was David Bowie's, David LIVE.
I liked this very much, thought I might keep it, might sell it, don't know.
Anyway looking inside a treat ensued with a fully fledged dialogue comic drawing from Bojo and Daz, 12th July 1987.
There is a lot to take in and there is a lot of talk about somebody called Phil and aliens and words such as 'dat' and 'dis'. It seems to centre on The Pop Pop Story where Phil needs some pills.
As I was six in 1987 I probably would have been drawing all over things I wasn't supposed to be as well.
This will now live in my found bits of paper box but already as I am typing I think I may have misplaced this historical document somewhere between the found bookmarks box and the found pieces of Foolscap paper file.
If you are Bojo or Daz 12th July 1987 then thank you for this insight into The Pop Pop Story and I promise to find it again if you want it b…