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Free Stuff For Kids-No.6-Hobby Horse Club.

After a few minor indiscretions and quite a bit of upset over the state of some of the Free Stuff for Kids replies we have had, a nice lighter time approached as we came to the Hobby Horse Club.  The page asks us if we have seen Morris Dancers, Clog Dancers and felt the attraction of music and people dressed in colourful costumes. I know there is a well dressing event near where my sister lives but that is all. Anyway as we are now cheating and trying to find the correct addresses so we get maximum publicity I couldn't find anything to do with Hobby Horse Club except for a few choice websites about horses and hobbies and some that I didn't look at due to suspicious site activity. The original address is now somebody's house and at the back is a new estate so I doubt much clog dancing takes place there now. Then I found Broadstairs Folk Week Festival . They had a Hobby Horse on their website and people dancing and fun and tambourines. This also wasn't Hobby Horse Clu

Collections-Shopping Lists.


Incoming post from James at The Museum of Imaginative Knowledge . I have swapped him these pictures for pictures of pylons and postcards. In this envelope showing Tracey Barlow listening to her tapes. Incoming from Ruth. Some outgoing IUOMA post with the lovely Bet and Liz .

Letters-Free Stuff for Kids- No.4 Make Friends with the Coin Kid-REPLY.

We have received a reply from the Royal Mint. At first I kidded myself that there was a coin inside or maybe a small pamphlet but instead I received my letter and cheque back and that they are unable to send me free stuff. The woe is real and the cheque is now in the bin. I guess we will never make friends with the Coin Kid.

Letters-Writing to Sellafield for a list of current videos.

Sellafield  when I was little was a place of far away wonder. Only other schools visited it and my primary school was never going to let us go further than Wigan Pier, however we did go to Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum once but that is another story. Anyway, Sellafield is far away from where I live and it was more a 'big school' trip. It had a visitors centre as they used to show adverts for it like this;  This whole experience was brought back to life for me when I found this very glossy 1990's brochure in my pile of papers and I immediately wanted to stand where that lady is and talk to her about the gift shop. I wanted to go on the Sellafield Sightseer coach and see that swimming bath type building. I wanted to walk in that blue tube and see the exciting array of life size working models. I wanted to talk to that lady about that machine she has and see what that man had written on his very important clipboard. I REALLY wanted that vi