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Everyday- Penny Club End of Year Count up.

Penny club has been in full business mode since the start of 2015. In this time we have lost and gained, parted with and got stuck under supermarket shelving units but one thing Penny Club is not is a quitter. Big finds of this year have been a £2 coin and three 50p’s which is big news as 50’s are precious gems. The total for 2018 is £14.87. Noticeable differences are the amount of 5p’s left to fend for themselves and more 20p’s than ever before. This years monies will go towards funding the stamps and postal orders I need for Free Stuff for Kids letters, with my first 70p of this being used to fund the postage of a fun bug. You know them things with a furry body, googly eyes, sticky feet and a ribbon attached. I have also made a very poor quality graph of very important business information from the past 4 years. It shows the totals made and the actual full total so far. I like graphs.

Letters-IUOMA post-Mixed.

Outgoing IUOMA post. Some very nice hairdos. A parcel of Jersey shells and Milton Keynes leaflets from Jo. I need a trip to Milton Keynes and I need to see where Cliff Richard got Wired for Sound . I especially like how the shoppers have been held back in the video but they appear briefly at the back and some are peering in from outside. I can see them Cliff! Also check out those John Lewis tiles!! Go HERE to see Stephen Marlands trip to Milton Keynes and the tiles in full. Also as I am obviously obsessed with a place I have never visited go HERE to see the red balloon advert that was always on TV when I was little and HERE to see the making of story. A beautiful driving book from Lina. I will now drive the streets of the north like it is 1973.

Letters-Free Stuff for Kids- No.2 Pets that fly and swim- CASUALTY.

We have had our first casualty in the modern Free Stuff For Kids world. Our pets that fly and swim poster and our lovely leaflets about budgies will never reach us as they have flown off and gone into the deep end never to return. However it isn’t all bad as I got my letter back with a nice sticker attached. I particularly like ‘Addressee gone away’.

Daytrips- Stockport.

Stockport. I pass through quite a lot when driving on the A6. It has a Hat Museum and it is on the flight path to Manchester Airport so you are constantly looking up. My sister went to college there a long time ago, Yvette Fielding is from Stockport and David Dickinson . Anyway actually visiting for an 8 hour holiday and seeing the sights in real life not from a car window was to be the holiday of a lifetime. Just like Judith Chalmers said. Sarah and I decided to prepare for our holiday as always, with various reading materials and data processing things like this- HERE and HERE . Good old Wikipedia says; ‘Stockport is a large town in Greater Manchester, England, 7 miles (11 km) south-east of Manchester city centre, where the River Goyt and Tame merge to create the River Mersey. The town is the largest settlement in the metropolitan borough of the same name. Historically, most of the town was in Cheshire, but the area to the north of the Mersey was in Lancashire. Stockp