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Letters- IUOMA-Various.

IUOMA post from Jean-Philippe. IUOMA post from Ruth with knitted patch. Very special. ATC from Jennie at Red Letter Day. Beautiful matches from Laura and a very nice card with a lady on.

Daytrips- A small walk around a bit of Hayling Island.

Dan and I did a Sunday thing that many people do of ‘going for a walk’. I don’t mind such things and if it is sunny and by the sea even better but an hour in November is more than enough. Here are some nice things we saw. If you ever find yourself down there then THIS is where we walked.

Collections- Shopping Lists.

A short shopping trip to various stores presented me with these. We have quite a selection of various foodstuffs here and also somebody’s favourite songs. I am looking forward to the frantic December rush and panic of many dropped lists and what will be for Christmas dinner this year.

Letters-Free Stuff for Kids- No.1 Information about cats.

So well on our way I have written to the PDSA for information about cats. I have enclosed my second class stamp as required and have written my letter just like the instructions told me to when I was 8, nearly 9. I have also put in an explanation and picture of what the book is and what it looks like, that I am trying to recreate it and that I am perfectly sane and 36 and a half years old. The only difference is that my letter is typed rather than handwritten. You didn’t originally need to put the advert in with your request but as the book is 28 years old and everybody and time has moved on I thought it only polite. If anything I will get the letter returned and my stamp back.

Projects-Recreating Free Stuff for Kids 1990.

Back in 1990 when I was 8 nearly 9, a book arrived in Sherdley County Primary schools library that unbeknown to us would bring great joy and postal gifts that entailed writing to various companies across the UK and for the price of a stamp, postal order or a sellotaped down 50p piece you would receive something back. This book would be passed around and taken home and lists would be made of the wondrous things to write off for all while eating your fish fingers and waffles, ready for Neighbours at 5:30pm. Each week the book presented many possible outcomes where you could decide whether you wanted a Snooker Rules booklet, a joke shop catalogue, a glass bead necklace or a free car sticker with a monkey on. All just for writing a letter. Free Stuff for Kids gave kids like me and others a reason to write proper letters, get excited about receiving proper post that was addressed to us personally and gave us all a chance to learn how to ask for things, visit the post office for a

Everyday- Walking about in October.

October was quite nice really. I looked at a lot of stuff, went down south and even went to Basingstoke. It wasn’t as advertised. Here is a nice shop sign I saw on the way back to the train from an earlier day spent in Stockport. I am still building up the brass to go in there and ask for that yellow box sign but I doubt it is ever going to be for sale. I would like a bit of hard cash for my old books and magazines. I have a couple of old copies of Prima and some knitting books so I may revisit and ask about the sign after all. The peculiar world of Withy Grove Stores . This has been here for at least 1000 years and I remember walking down past it as a kid back to Victoria station and wondering what was in there and what it sold. However if you go HERE you can read all about the shop and find that it is very much alive and well. On a walk down to the post office followed by a stop off at Morrisons, I took pictures of all the things I have wanted to take pictures of