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World Museum Tour- The Hull People’s Memorial.

A lovely little treat found on Whitefriargate is the Hull People’s Memorial. With two parts attached including a gift shop, community base and information point and the other side being the museum. From  Visit Hull and East Yorkshire ; 'Small Military Museum focusing on WWI, WWII and the bombing of Hull in both wars. Home to collections, hands-on weapons and munitions. Home of the Hull Trench.' This sign on the way in told Sarah and I everything we needed to know and with our suitcases and bags in tow we headed underground. First thoughts; There are LOADS of things to see. If you like military based things then it is for you and as I have grown up going to aircraft museums it is perfect. The museum is great with lovely staff who are very knowledgeable and helpful. All the exhibits are good and well put together and it is a right gem to go and see. There is also an upstairs but with suitcases and a trai

Daytrips-Rhyl-North Wales.

The last time I went to Rhyl the Sun Centre was in good working order, the time before that the Pepsi Cola Loop was still there and you could take a boat ride as the man on the beach shouted through his loudspeaker ‘around the seaside’. Previous to this it was somewhere you passed through on the way home from Anglesey or Conwy as a kid, visited on a day out or on a special trip to the beautiful tropical indoor paradise that was the Sun Centre . My vague memories of it are sitting on a deckchair and completing minor paddling. I don’t remember much else. However the entrance to the now demolished Ocean Beach fairground complete with wooden roller coaster slats above your head does sometimes appear in a recurring dream I have which seems to turn into a trip to Morrisons in St Helens, complete with wooden slats on the floor and then I find I have no carrier bags for my blurred dream foodstuffs. This particular trip was to hunt down a flavour of cheese that once my mum and I had on a

Daytrips-Mersey Estuary-2014-2018