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Daytrips- Chapel of St Wilfrid-Church Norton.

In a secluded and leafy part of Sussex is a road. Down this road is the occasional house. Further down the road there is a signpost and then a car park. At the end of this car park is the chapel of St Wilfrid and it is a little gem.  After peeling my dress off my back and resetting my sweaty fringe, Dan and I ventured in to see what was going on. ‘St Wilfrid's stands in a tranquil corner of a large churchyard, down a little lane beside Pagham Harbour. At first sight it appears to be a simple cemetery chapel. In fact it is the thirteenth-century chancel of a large Norman church. The main part of the church was removed in 1864 and rebuilt in the centre of Selsey to serve the growing population of this seaside resort. Inside there are a number of things worth seeing, including: a magnificent monument to John and Agas Lewis, dating from 1537; vivid carving depicting the gruesome martyrdom of St Agatha; a modern stained glass window which features a beautiful depiction of a