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Collections- Shopping Lists.

Collections-Shopping Lists.

Good times have been had by all in the month of March, I think mainly as it snowed so much everybody panic bought large quantities of water and bananas but kept within the late winter/spring minimums and still opted for pasta and garlic cloves over a 12 bag of crisps.

World Museum Tour- The Novium-Chichester.

The Novium Museum is somewhere I found by accident whilst trying to find the library. It lies opposite and at half past three with rain all over my glasses in I went. The Novium is in the city of Chichester and its name comes from  "Noviomagus Reginorum" which is the Roman name for the Chichester. Some information; 'The museum, designed by the architect Keith Williams following an architectural design competition managed by RIBA Competitions, has an area of 1,300 sq m which is approximately 2.4 times the size of the previous museum in Little London. The building is divided into three floors each of which will contain a gallery for exhibition. It contains a research and learning room as well as a collection store for the social history collection. The museum is built directly over the top of the Chichester's Roman Bath House complex which are displayed in the ground floor gallery. The museum has over 350,000 objects of geological, archaeological and social h