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Daytrips- Chichester Cathedral and Gardens.

This was to be my second trip to Chichester as the first time Dan and I visited it was dark and cold and I was sans earmuffs. This time it was Halloween and I hoped there was a £1 shop and maybe Halloween pennies on the floor. We started in Priory Park and there is a bit about it  HERE . The Bishops Palace Gardens are round the back of the   cathedral   and are well signposted. From a search it says   HERE   that, 'The gardens date back to 1147-48 when the cathedral was moved from Selsey to Chichester.' That is old. If you look  HERE  there is a map and points of interest to see. I really liked it and it is a nice quiet place to sit, with lots still out flowering and changing colour.

Letters- Outs.

Only a few this week as I am still making things ready for the big Christmas stand in the post office queue of nightmares letter sending event. I am pleased to say that I found my five year old Tesco Christmas cards down the back of the cupboard so this is what you will receive. They have cats and glitter on.