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World Museum Tour- Hornsea Museum.

On our last day in Hornsea we decided to visit  Hornsea Museum  which also holds a huge collection of  Hornsea pottery  and this was very exciting. The world museum tour commenced after a breakfast of eggs and beans and we said our goodbyes to our holiday home. We parked up and arrived and were greeted by a very nice man all dressed up with a special hat on.  We paid our entrance fee of £3.50 and started from the beginning. We also saw mood rings in the shop but we didn't buy but will forever pine. We at once met this nice man, lets call him Steve. Only joking it’s John Burn and his family used to own the farm here before it was the museum. In no particular order. A bit about the museum - 'Situated on Newbegin, the main street of Hornsea, is Burns Farm. For nearly 300 years it was tenanted by the Burn family. It was originally a single-storey cobble building dating back to the late 16th century. A second storey, in hand-made brick, was added in about 1740.