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World Museum Tour- Lancaster City Museum.

Continuing on my tour of every museum in the world, an idea born in Hull, I paid a visit to  Lancaster City Museum . Right in the centre in a very pleasing building I went in with expectancy of greatness. I spotted models and in my eyes from then on it could do no wrong.  I liked this exhibition very much and also that the inflatable fire looked like the beginning of Equinox. Look  HERE   and you will see nice.  Boomtown - From Front Line to White Lund  marks the centenary of devastating explosions at White Lund National Filling Factory 1-3 October 1917. The exhibition is free and runs until the 12th November and entrance to the museum is also free. Things to see - All of the lovely models showing you things, a very special ceiling, the model Christmas railway and the stained glass collection. 10/10.