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Daytrips-Tatton Park Flower Show 2017.

When the word 'show' is entered into anything I am always interested. Same with the words; sale, fete, jumble, seconds and cake.  The Tatton Park Flower Show  has been a staple in my July calendar for 4 years now and I love the extravagance of giant cascades of fuchsias, vegetables and fruits all lined up neatly and very helpful plant friends trying their best with me whilst I ask about my Venus fly traps and why they wouldn't eat their tea of ham and dead flies I made special. I also like it as it is calming, despite the crowds and minor pushing to get to  Monty , the colours, the flowers, the vast displays and giant ferns are very good for me and this year I took my big camera, regretted the weight but became flower show possessed and now as a special treat I am showing you everything I saw, in its entirety and you will like them!