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The Hulliday, Day 3, Getting Lost, Country House, Boyes, Home. The End.

Our final day in Hull started with another Lenny's breakfast and gratis Marmites. After packing our things and waving goodbye out of the window, we consulted our itinerary and headed to the university to see the  Gulbenkian Centre . This is unfortunately where this story ends as we couldn't park the car, couldn't find a way in and became cross and hot. This is OK though as we can still see  Martin Chalk , but again we drove past it, couldn't turn round and ended up on the road to Beverley so all in all the last bits of itinerary were spoiled. However we did have a lifeline in  Burton Constable Hall  so off we went. The problem we had here was that the main house only opened in April which was most upsetting as we had planned on the drive up to sashay away down the grand halls, see velvet curtains and nice wallpapers to go 'ooh' at but instead we had a cup of tea and a piece of cake and walked around the grounds.

The Hulliday-Day 2, Walking, Evenings, Resting and Flood Barriers Part 5.

It was starting to become apparent on the incredible journey to the Fruit Market that resting is important. We tried our best to keep chipper but we were falling into the hungry, maybe getting a bit tired, need my ear muffs, shoes are hurting, too many leaflets in the bags- insert other things in the bags that we didn't need to carry. 'Its fine though as we can eat there Sarah!' I said. Still with hope in our hearts that  Sarah Lucas   would be there for us to see, we continued through the very clean streets and saw these things;  We were drifting and becoming lost, we were overwhelmed and needed a shortcut and we chose a very nice one at that. You can read all about Hepworth Arcade  HERE . I especially like this part, 'Joseph Hepworth took the first steps towards building his dream arcade in 1888.'   and this bit; 'The original intention to name it Victoria Arcade in honour of the reigning monarch had, by then, been dropped by He