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Ten Minute Daytrip - Desert Quartet, Elizabeth Frink, Worthing.

Elisabeth Frink is my favourite sculptor, close second is  William Mitchell . I have been ever since I first saw her  The Welcoming Christ  sculpture on the front of the  Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool.   On a trip to Worthing back in February, I wandered around the town and saw a set of heads on top of a building. I recognised them and knew they were important but my brain in its cold and hungry state only managed to say ‘Oh look, heads’. It wasn’t until I got home that I found out the full extent of the error my brain had made and I immediately planned another trip down there to see them. The Desert Quartet was to be her penultimate sculpture and I love this entry on the  Worthing Society Desert Quartet page – The Desert Quartet sculpted by Dame Elisabeth Frink ‘In 2007 The Worthing Society was alerted that Mr.Humphrey Avon the developer of the Montague Centre was holding a competition for a sculpture to replace the Desert Quartet in Alexander Terrace at Liverpool Gardens.

Daytrips- Eastney & Portchester.

Dan and I decided to go to a beach. We arrived and parked and listened to the bloke next to us playing what I think was Dire Straits out of his window. It was dire.  Walking on we saw boathouses and Sea Winds from Dartmouth. Sea Winds from Dartmouth was in trouble and was going to be removed. I would like to live on Sea Winds from Dartmouth and travel to Dartmouth in the sea wind. Collecting bits of stuff on the way, I was convinced I had found a piece of Ambergris but it was just a grey shiny rock with a yellow bit on. My favourite new slipper limpet shells where everywhere and it looked like a mass slipper party had happened but nobody had told them to get back into the sea afterwards. We walked back to drive on further and this time bloke in car had a bit of country on , it might have been Matt Monroe. We probably won't ever know as his speakers hummed. Onward to  Portchester Castle .  It was closed by the time we got there but it was still nice and su

Daytrips-The Norrish Central Library-Portsmouth.

I work in a library but I also feel the need to see and visit each new day tripping town or cities library I find myself in for a nose. Looking up ones nearby for my chosen day trip out to Portsmouth, I saw the beauty of The Norrish Central Library. Concrete, brutal and tiles all in a row. Built in 1976 by architect  Ken Norrish , it is very grand and when I got my first glimpse driving around the corner I was very impressed. All white and round and shiny in the sun, it made me feel calm as if in a small white tile paradise. You can read all the things you want to know about the library and its surroundings  HERE  and  HERE .