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Daytrips-Projecting British Design-MMU- Design Council Slide Collection.

I visited  Projecting British Design  at Manchester University Special Collections department. I had read quite a bit about it beforehand and I was very excited after  adopting a slide  last year from the collection to be actually going to see them in real life. The Visual Resources Collection was moved from Manchester School of Art into the Special Collections last year after a period of uncertainty and I hope it will be kept safe and more exhibitions of them can be shown in the future. As I wasn’t a student of MMU or the library, I had to ask to be let in to see the collection. I felt very secretive in the lift. I love slides and my eyes couldn’t take in how many there were and all the different things that were on them. Look at those teddies and that man doing very important work. Each one is a small art piece containing places, objects and people all in a certain time, doing and seeing things. Items of ceramic tableware in ‘Stonehenge’ shape designed by Roy Midw