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Showing posts from April, 2016

Day Trips-New Brighton and stuff on the way home.

Lisa and I went on a day trip to New Brighton. I hadn't been for years and it looked like those nice spring days where it is warm but still a bit chilly but you needed your coat just in case. We went prepared with flasks and a cool box full of biscuits and loaded ourselves up with our cameras and KitKats. The weather changed very quickly once we arrived and after the car doors almost got blown off trying to exit the area, we decided to have a cup a soup and watch the torrential rain fall outside. After seven more biscuits and two more cups of tea for strength we finally ventured out wrapped up in many clothing items and proceeded to get blown away into the sky. Our our eyes froze over and our ears fell off also.  Never mind though as looking at these pictures you can pretend it was really warm and calm and in fact a bit too warm for a coat. I liked the dog statue the best and my crow friends. Always check the weather is the moral and wear ear muffs to avoid loss of ears.

Nightrips-Liverpool-China Town.

My friend Lisa and I went on a small trip to Liverpool last week. We got wrapped up but we were hungry as we hadn't had our teas. We could smell chips, but we needed pictures. We ventured to China town which has always been a source of fascination for me and it is even better at night time.   Still hungry we then went to the North docks. I have always liked it down here as well but I haven't been at night before. I used to go there a lot when I was little and my granddad used to recite the names of each and every dock on the line. Herculaneum up to Seaforth. With weakness and a lost hat we ventured to the best pizza place we used to go to after a night out. Garlic bread with cheese always tastes good at 4am but it tasted even better at half past ten. Oh and a mushroom pizza on the side. It was beautiful.