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Everyday-Five minutes looking.

I have done more than five minutes worth of things today but it is also nice to just have five minutes messing about doing not very much. The garden at this time of year is my favourite place and my mouse friends have come back but one of them looks like she also has mouse friends in her belly. I left out some extra cheese for her, to keep her strength up. Lots of things are coming back to life and the pigeon boys have started dancing to the girl pigeons on the roof across the road. The girl pigeons are always very unimpressed by this and it usually ends up with them flying off and the boys left cooing to themselves, wondering where they went wrong. Did I do too much too soon? Was my twirl too fancy? Being single can be tough mate, maybe next time eh?!   Things I have also liked today; I saw a black and ginger spotty cat eating a chicken drumstick. I saw a green and white Citroen Dolly and I waved at the driver in appreciation. I got a thumbs up back! I had a lie in after a very