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Collections-Shopping Lists.

This computerised list is from a person who knows what they want, where to get it and likes a tidy ship. But what is W.W? 


I received a big full parcel of treats from Jamie and I am now addicted to Swedish Fish sweets. I made them last a whole week as I never wanted them to end. I even taped the top tight shut so they wouldn't go bad. Please send more fish! I also received in my parcel my first ever pennant which is a beauty. I have always wanted one and now I have my very own. I received this lovely box of trinkets from Sarah and some Werthers Original which I ate for strength. Also an engraving kit which I once wrote to Father Christmas about. I now have my very own puppy and kitten copper foil edition.

Everyday-March, April, May and June- Rewriting.

One thing I can say about my New Year list I wrote back in  January  and then rewrote in  February  is that I'm consistent when it comes to not sticking to lists. It's July and we are in the middle of the year. I didn't stay up all night for  solstice times  like I did last year as I was too tired and also my mum kindly reminded me that you can actually get up on any day of the year and watch the sun rise. I mentioned I wanted to be a druid and feel at one with the world on such a special day. My mum gave me a chocolate eclair to eat quietly and I then felt at one with the cake instead. I read my lists back now and isn't it funny how even something you wrote six months ago can now sound so silly and not at all what you want or need now. This year so far has been ok and I'm feeling a bit clearer about things but also no further on or clearer on some things all at the same time. Daniel still wont wear summer hats, I haven't eaten green grapes, preferring peach sli