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Daytrips- Sunderland Point.

Sunderland Point is a few miles from Lancaster and it is very calm and quiet there, except for the tide coming in, fishing boats creaking, the odd bee and oyster catchers chatting. It is really interesting and peaceful and I liked the local notice board and the tea shop. I must also add that the public toilets were spotless with a lovely hand soap and paper towels. A truly superior toilet visit. You can read all about Sunderland Points history   HERE

Daytrips-Morecambe Bay Kite Festival.

I like  Morecambe , it has got a good old fashioned feeling about it, lots of arcades, odd shops, cafes and a big sweeping beach.  The Midland Hotel  is the ultimate in Art Deco greatness and you can have afternoon tea on the terrace with the ladies who lunch if you fancied. I had a hot dog, a cheese sandwich and some pop on a bench. The day I visited there was a  kite festival  on the beach. I like kites. I like the beach.

Everyday-Outgoings-Birthdays-Beaches and Badges.

This Saturday I turn 33. I am very pleased about it but I really do need to invest in some eye cream and from my past lists I have written and not carried on with (I will) I really do need to go to bed earlier and get my papers and life in order. However this can wait until next week as I am quite sleepy and I'm very behind in everything, Ha what's new there! I have received lots of lovely posts and parcels and I am taking lots of time to reply as I can and it is not a race. If you have sent me some post, Daniel is minding it for safekeeping and we will reply next week together. Daniel may also send you some fur and lick your envelope nice. So.. I received these badges from  Sarah  and last weekend I got to meet her in real full on life at  NWZineFest  where I met more real life people and then on Sunday at Stitch Club, I met even more real life people. I will write all about those things next week after birthdays and my free birthday Beefeater pub meal- but only when bought