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Exhibitions- Strikeaway Show Submission- Matchbox Dating Agency.

Strikeaway is a match box art show that  I saw a call for entries for on Instagram.  As I collect matchboxes I started to get jealous of all of these beautifully decorated matchboxes I was starting to see. I realised quickly that I could also be part of this matchbox world, I only had to ask.  Strikeaway is curated by Courtney Cerruti and Alicia Dornadic  and the theme was anything you wanted as long as it was in matchbox format. So far the exhibition features over 300 artists and that's a lot of matchboxes! I always have big ideas for these things and then I have too many ideas. I wanted to make a matchbox frieze of flowers with the matches being flower heads but I couldn't get them to look right.  I then didn't want to send lots of matches all made nice as I got anxious they might go on fire so I didn't do any more on it for three days. A visit to my sisters presented me with a bag of tiny plastic people she had bought off eBay. I liked the colours of them and th

Zines-The mysterious lost zine bag of 2014.

Sometimes my brain gets a bit funny, things about my person seem to get lost, misplaced or forgotten about until they are miraculously remembered in a fit of joy. Last year I went zine on, hoovering them up, discovering them and buying everyone I saw and liked. All of these zines amongst the other 50 or so dotted about one day went mysteriously missing. I knew that they were in the house but I couldn't remember where. After debating for a while and then forgetting all about them again I set about trying to find my old 80's Argos catalogue to cut things out for envelopes. Lots of rummaging presented me with a Tesco bag full of papers and the mysterious lost zines of 2014.  I made a series of noises and then another week later promptly started to pack them all away again neatly where they were found but in a box not a Tesco bag. That night, I felt uneasy and didn't sleep well in the night. As soon I woke up I got them all back out again, photographed them and now they ar