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Collections- Beach.

I find it really hard to not just have one collection of things. I have to collect lots of things and each collection will be housed in its own container or jam jar depending on size and will sit on its very own shelf or section for display. One such ongoing collection is beach stuff. I have always picked stuff up off the beach. My personal favourites are broken pottery pieces and sea glass and I have some very fine jars full of trinkets from over twenty five years good work. I like to find teeth but I haven't for a long time and my ultimate dream would be to find some dentures. I think my older sister would probably steal them off me so they would have to be kept in a locked room like Princess Mombi's heads.   Here are my some of my recent finds from Southport Beach back in February.


Well I have failed just like Superman did when he turned into bad Superman. I haven't turned bad but with me previously being all 'Oh I am on top of all the things' I am now not. I have been in decorating, painting and throw things away world for the past three weeks and it is only been since last Friday that I have started to get everything back into place. I have my nice new old desk that's been in the garage since I was 17 and now at almost 33 it is back, cleaned and holds all of my treasures. It is messy and has a lot going on like my brain so that's good. I started to take pictures of it like I was in Woman and Home magazine or on a styled photo shoot (gritted teeth)  but I'm not like that, it's not styled and it's full of Daniels hair. He likes to rub himself on the draws. Here are some posts I have sent and received halfway through decorating. I just need to get a move on replying and making. I have bee