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Letters- Outgoing.

It is Saturday and it has been a slow week in eyes down world, just 2p and a lost viola plant but still it is progress towards my new mackintosh.  I have gone back to brightness this week with the post. I have been going through lots of my books and cuttings for some peculiar items to make mail art with. I fear as I am typing this without my glasses and I have been making post without my glasses on there could be anything on them envelopes. 


I haven't left the house for two days as I have been eBaying and letter writing. My hair is very greasy and I will wash it before I go to archery later on tonight. I just wanted to let you know that piece of data. Here are some of my incoming from last week.


Remember that nice list of things I wrote and would partake in back in January and at the end I said I would have to rewrite it all? Well what a surprise! So from the top-  1. Enrol on the art foundation course at the college in town and stop fretting about the future-  Everything I do in my life is back to front, houses, jobs, being a grown up SO... I'm going to go back to college- do the art foundation as I need to learn everything all over again then go to university to do a fine art degree and...then do a Masters and become an art therapist. I'm doing it, I'm going to like it, I'm going to do it properly this time and I won't be nervous or have a funny do. What a load of old rubbish. I did however go to the college to have a nose around. It was raining really heavy, I got soaked. I arrived at the big shiny college doors and I felt odd. Moving on into the foyer I was instructed to fill out a form of uselessness for postcode purposes and then I went to