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Day Trips-Delamere Forest.

Daytrips-Jodrell Bank-Cheshire.

I hadn't been to Jodrell Bank for years and it has a nice new cafe that serves your tea in a very big pot. It was nearly home time when I arrived so I didn't spend long there. It was very cold the day I went and I went dressed for a sunny April afternoon not the cold windy Cheshire plains. I learnt that turquoise tights are not the correct attire with red shoes at a scientific area of interest in January.   The Lovell Telescope is beautiful and here is some brain data for you-  I went to a dance thing at Jodrell Bank when I was 16 and it was called Lynx Location Apollo. The dish was lit up and I saw Republica (where are they now?) I haven't imagined this, it really happened, I was there and there's a video of it  here! Thank you YouTube! 

Letters- Outgoings-Brace rage.

Today my brace changing consisted of lilac colouring and terrible tightening and elastic band wear-age forever. I have slurped my way through three cup-a-soups and I have been sulking, making noises and contemplating an early bedtime. On top of all this I have a cold so here are some of my incomings and outgoings nice. I have spent most of this past week with my mouth open, breathing loudly and blowing my nose. Yesterday to get out, I went to the garden centre with my mum and I coughed so much I cried. I had some asparagus soup in the posh cafe and took home 12 sachets of gratis mayonnaise for the future.  Last week I went to Leeds to look at bows and arrows with my brother. I like motorways if I am a passenger and I very much like going over the top of the M62. It is the highest motorway in England at 1220 ft above sea level. My ears used to pop going over as a kid and I would always look to spot the summit sign. It was very snowy and I took snowy pictures ou