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Collections- Penny Club-2015

Penny Club started last year with my good friends Sarah and Ingrid all being finders keepers, eyes down a-ramas, co owners and divisional managers.  I've had some excellent finds with a 50p being a personal favourite. There's been two £5 notes and a £2 coin, lots of pennies and 5p's seem to be the silver of choice. I have given myself a sore neck, mourned lost pennies I never managed to pick up (RIP the Piccadilly two) and found myself being bashed in the bum by a fast pushed shopping trolley as I bent down to pick up a 10p. I kept my balance, it was fine and the pusher of the trolley was apologetic when I said I had dropped £1 of my own. Penny club is tough you must keep your head at all times in all money finding situations and stick to your story. I've found monies in shops, drive thrus, on the street, parks, the beach, under benches, train stations, car parks and a 20p in some forgotten corner in Disley where my sister said it was where people sometimes wee on

Letters- The Inaugural End of Year Speech.

So it's the last few hours of 2015 and now is the time I start to have a little think about what I have done over the past year and what I would like to do better this time round. I have screwed my face up at the stuff I didn't like and wondered how the fuck I made it out of bed some days. I have pondered questions such as 'Do I actually like mince pies anymore?'  'Will I ever pay my credit card off?' 'Will I visit the hat museum in Stockport?' 'Is living in a canal boat the thing that is missing in my life?'  This time last year I wrote a list of all the stuff I wanted to do. I hoped to update it as each month went along and give myself a running commentary about how good I was to do those things. This stopped as abruptly as it started as I realised that I just can't be that efficient and things will start to happen when they need to. My brain works at a peculiar pace. This pace will pick up in times of anxiety and I will then hoover fo

Daytrips-Sefton Park Palmhouse-Liverpool-2015


It's that time of year when a visit to the beach is full of treasures. Big storms churn it all up and I am at my happiest wrapped up warm with my supply of KitKats, bags and trowels. January is always good to find things that have been washed up to the strand line and I am still hoping for those elusive teeth at some point next year. Here are some things I have found in the past month.

Adopt a Slide - 19th Century Glass Eyeballs.

I first saw  adopt a slide  on  twitter  earlier this year. It is the slide collection of the Visual Resources Centre (VRC) at Manchester School of Art. I haven't been able to visit the department and look at the collection for myself yet but I spotted slide number DS11-003 on twitter and knew that was the slide for me. I love slides and have over 500 or so of my own of various different things, an old mill in Leigh that's since been demolished, local housing estates and fishing villages in Wales. I started taking pictures on slide film in college and it produces stills of a moment in time in such vivid colour. A small portrait that held up to the light can show you the world from last week or 60 years ago. Adopt a Slide is a really important project and incredibly interesting even more-so as the image library is currently under threat from closure. Analogue methods of cataloguing aren't seen as important as they were when things can be so easily digitised and put onli

Collections-Shopping Lists.

It is getting tougher out there on the mean shopping streets and as well as finding zero pennies, I am finding that shopping lists have also been scarce. I am hoping things will pick up in the next few weeks and to find some Christmas lists ten pages long with frantic writing on them about carrots and parsnips and what presents to buy for Auntie Sue in Antarctica.

Daytrips-Ness Gardens

Ness Gardens is lovely place to visit and especially in the autumn. Everything was so golden and hazy which is how October should be. With big views across to Wales and complete silence except for the birds in parts its a very special place to see. Go HERE to tour the gardens and HERE to check whats on and opening times.