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Everyday- Walks -Bridge Mural- Thatto Heath Park- St Helens.

Yesterday, I spent my lunch hour taking part in eating a chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle and then taking a small walk in the park next door to see some sights. Considering I have driven and walked past this park a million times in my lifetime and also sometimes work near to it, I have never actually fully ventured in. This still was to be true after my small walk. I listened to the blue tits chattering, saw some forsythia blossoming and a lady walked by with a big dog who was called Brian.  I had time for a circuit to burn off the noodle before I was back to work but I was suddenly drawn like a magnet to a small portal to the right of me.  I saw faces and paintings and was placed into a time slip of a bridge to the edge lands. Why? who are these painted people? who did this? Well it tells you who did paint the pictures but there are no dates. After over three hours of trying to find out any information about it, I was met with a Pinterest picture of the bridge titled -Old iron bridge-That…


Collections-Shopping Lists.

Collections- Shopping Lists.

Collections- Local Graffiti.

Free Stuff for Kids- No.13- Balloons.

'The Kite and Balloon Company of London prints 30 million balloons a year and is happy to give away printed samples.' The Kite and Balloon Company of London, 1991.
I am really hoping that we get some balloons with faces on or ones with ears attached.
Again lets stay dispirited and not crack our faces with glee until they are in our hands.
I have enclosed a stamped addressed envelope.