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Daytrips- Southampton City Art Gallery-Southampton.

On a recent trip to Southampton Dan and I decided to visit the Art Gallery. I had always thought about it when finding myself around the vicinity but either got there too late or torrential rain had decided that we went to IKEA instead. 

'The gallery is based in Southampton’s Civic Centre and opened in 1939. It offers the opportunity to enjoy high-quality exhibitions ranging from painting, sculpture and drawing, to photography and film.
As well as a permanent collection, there are displays that change regularly to ensure new experiences with each visit.  The gallery holds an internationally important collection of over 5,300 works of art.'
Lets have a look.

Anthony Gormley- Untitled (Diver), 1983

Barry Flanagan- Little Man of Wilmington, 1980

Paul Winstanly- Nostalgia 1, 1999

Peter Doig- Girl on Skis, 1997

Mark Gertler- Family Group, 1913

Eileen Agar- The Object Lesson, 1940

Martin Creed- the whole world + work = the whole world, 2000

Rachel Whiteread- Untitled (Freestanding Bed), 1991

Allegretto de Nuzio- The Coronation of the Virgin, c1350

The gallery is beautiful and on the ground floor you will find Southampton Central Library
Please go HERE to see the opening times, events and collections. 


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