World Museum Tour- Cerdigion Museum-Aberystwyth.

On my way home from Library school back in April, down a very big hill, is the town of Aberystwyth. It is a very nice town with lots of nice shops and an ice cream van. As I had over three hours to wait until my train I decided to incorporate the world museum tour into my trip with a visit to Ceredigion Museum.
First things first was a cup of tea and a piece of toast and a vast leaflet collection session.
Lets go in and see.

The museum is housed within the old Edwardian Coliseum theatre. It has three storeys and thankfully a lift as I had my suitcase which was now sans a wheel.

I spent over two hours in there and needed more time as there is so much to see. 
Entry is free and the toast and tea is excellent.
Visit - for more information about the museum and opening times.


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