Photo Archive- The day Frank Sidebottom came to Liverpool for an hour.

Tidying under your bed can be either terribly upsetting or very refreshing depending on what you may find under there. Amongst 45 hair bobbles, a foot thick film of dust and various other unmentionables, my old suitcase filled with photographs started to appear. 
Going through them was also terribly upsetting as nobody told me at age 20 it was OK to wear a branded t shirt that said 'Hussy' on it. Cheers for that. I should have known better.

Anyway.. in the recesses of a Foto Processing packet were some photographs that I had long since forgotten about and the day itself. 
They were all about the time a normal shopping trip to Liverpool turned into a one hour show in the street from Frank Sidebottom.
My vague recollections of it were that my dad, sister and I were walking down Parker Street to Church Street from the car park. There used to be a circular plinth in the middle leading down and up into Church Street and each year it is where the Christmas tree still stands.
There was a crowd gathered and I have a small memory of somebody shouting 'GO ON FRANK' and it was (as with the photo evidence) Frank Sidebottom on the plinth with his Bontempi! It was great and my sister went and bought a disposable camera from the photo shop opposite which you can see on the first picture and here are the results. 

I have tried to find any mentions about this day which I think was around 1992 but looking at Frank's Fantastic Shed show information, maybe this was just an impromptu visit?  
Also when I visited his Bobbins exhibition earlier in the year I did remember seeing him but had forgotten about the pictures and where they had gone.

If anybody remembers, was there and knows about it then do please let me know.
I am also present in these pictures as an 11 year old but I won't ever tell where I am as it is mortifying but I did have a very cool pair of Hi-Tec trainer boots. 


Mark said…
Oh Blimey! Great to see 'old' Liverpool again, ie the Liverpool I remember stepping off the Junction train into as a 12 or 13 year old!
Emma said…
I know! its all completely different now.
Mark said…
I'd forgotten about Minskys Hair Studio. The sad thing about Liverpool now is you could be in any town centre in the UK. It's all just chains really.

Great blog btw!

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